Long Ride? Take A Seat In The New CX-3, Part I

Mazda CX-3

If you plan to spend a lot of time driving, consider Mazda’s CX-3. This car is unlike any other crossover on the market. We know how important comfort is to those who take long weekend trips out of town. Maybe you spend a good chunk of your week in traffic, commuting to and from work on the daily. We’ve had to spend countless hours on the road as well and we know how rigid, poorly designed seating can take a nasty toll on the body. We’ve felt that kind of pain enough times that we never want to feel it again!

The great news is that the CX-3 feels like a good pair of jeans. The seats fit just right and the your legs won’t feel cramped or your head too darn close to the roof. The interior look is just gorgeous. Leather and suede line it, with red stitching weaved throughout. The dash is trimmed with a black, leather-like material and a smooth metal decorates the steering wheel, gearshift and doors. These details work really well together to create a pleasant space in this small crossover.


Seeing that you’ll be spending this much time on the road, you’ve probably already given some thought to your safety on the road. Can’t blame you, with the car accidents that seem to happen almost daily in the city. In case you don’t already know, you’ll be pleased to learn that Mazda makes safety a priority! The CX-3 is packed with a list of safety features including Lane Keeping Assist, which is a camera-operated system that prevents lane-changing collisions. An alarm will sound if your vehicle runs over a white line without signaling. Apart from this you get stability control, ABS and all-encompassing air bags (front, side and curtains).


The CX-3 is at CardinaleWay Mazda in Corona today! Come check out why it rocks the crossover class, and check out our inventory online. You won’t be disappointed!






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