Long Ride? Take A Seat In The New CX-3, Part II

Mazda 3 CX-3 delivers

The CX-3 is a heavy hitter in the crossover class. It delivers in more ways than one. If you’re interested in crossovers and SUVs, you’ll want to keep reading.


The 2017 model will carry the SkyActiv powertrain, a powerful engine that’s efficient on fuel and smooth on the road. It has a cool little feature that shuts off the engine when sitting idle too long (in order to save you some gas). The steering response is out of this world. The feeling when driving this finely-tuned beauty is literally luxurious. Mazda loves to walk the luxurious line without having to break your bank to get it. It keeps things affordable!


The body is stylish, sleek and just beautiful–for any crossover. Mazda never disappoints, with a vehicle that marries good looks and good performance. The grill is reshaped to look even better, the headlights glimmer with LED lighting and the 18 inch alloy wheels complement it perfectly.


The touchscreen panel is a good 7 inches in size, the sound system is made by Bose (we love Bose!), the trunk space is roomy and can get even more so–the rear seat can fold down to create a bigger area when necessary.

Body paint colors! The front-wheel drives (in the Pro option) come in Dynamic Blue and Crystal White Pearl. The sport FWD comes in Soul Red, Jet Black, Crystal White Pearl and Titanium Flash. The AWD will have a ceramic finish.


We are very excited about showing this model off. It’s a people pleaser! If you’re interesting in giving the CX-3 a test drive, please visit us at CardinaleWay Mazda in Corona, and check out our inventory online. We’re more than happy to show why the CX-3 is the best crossover in the market today!







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