What Lies Ahead For Mazda Vehicles


Wondering what’s next on the horizon for Mazda vehicles?  Professor Emmett Brown would likely be curious, too.  For those of you too young to know, that’s the Professor from the “Back To The Future” trilogy of movies.


You can expect nothing less than more of the same cutting-edge technology from the engineering team at Mazda.  Just one admiring glance at the 2017 Mazda MX-5 Miata RF convertible with the retractable hardtop is all it takes for proof that Mazda thinks outside the box.


A rotary sports car like the RX8 Mazda is still on the drawing board, as Mazda continues to support research and design of a rotary sports car, featuring a SKYACTIV-R engine.


Word has it that Mazda will also incorporate Android connectivity in its next generation of vehicles, probably in 2018.  This is great news for Mazda enthusiasts that have wanted Android Auto for awhile now.


Flying cars may still be years away, but electric vehicles will likely become much more commonplace.  This is due to the push for zero-emissions vehicles.  Accordingly, Mazda has projected the release of its own electric model by 2019.


Other technological advances such as 3D printing are expected to impact future development of vehicles.  Always a frontrunner in automotive design, will Mazda get on board with future 3D printing technology?


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