Large SUV Comparison: Mazda’s CX-9 vs. Kia’s Sorento, Part II

MAzda CX-9 1

The CX-9 and Sorento are the closest competitors in the large SUV crowd. There are some differences worth discussing, despite what they may have in common. We have made a comprehensive list of how one of these SUVs rises above the rest. If you’re in the market for a new SUV, keep reading!


The Size:

For those looking to purchase an SUV to accommodate a family, a carpooling situation, or even a sports team, this section will tell you a lot about how many bodies can fit comfortable in these vehicles.


If we were to park these two vehicles side by side and look at them–the CX-9 is quite obviously larger than the other. It measures 5.08 meters long and 1.97 meters wide. The other measures 4.78 meters long by 1.89 wide.


Looking at the difference in size would probably have you thinking that the CX-9 also weighs more than the Sorento. The truth is, the CX-9 is actually lighter. It weighs 1911 kg and the Sorento weighs 1985 kg.


The Price:

The CX-9 Grand Touring will be available for purchase at $52,890, while other trims will start at $40K+. There will be additional on-road costs to choose from.


The Deal:

The CX-9 is larger, roomier, more accommodating, precise and responds smoothly on the road. The Sorento’s steering doesn’t measure up to Mazda’s sharp accuracy and it’s quieter than all others in its class.

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