How “Driving Matters” Drives Mazda

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Mazda has been busy this year. With the launch of the CX-3 compact crossover this fall, the debut of the CX-9 three-row crossover, and the launch of a new campaign, “Driving Matters”, it appears that the Japanese automaker is lining up to deliver new product stories. Russel Wager, VP of marketing for Mazda North American operations, posits that “Driving Matters” as a slogan is not talking about specific vehicles, but rather about reasons why you should be a part of the Mazda family. The first ad in the campaign was “Driver’s Life”, which follows a kid who grows up in a Miata, gets married, has his own child, send said child to college, then gets back into the new Miata MX-5. The other ad was for the CX-5, with a storyline focused on safety. Next, we will see a new ad focusing on all-wheel-drive. It begins with a young couple heading out into a snowstorm, in their CX-5. The man puts the crossover into AWD, and makes it to the perfect spot to spring his surprise on his lady. Wager says that the campaign strives to cultivate owner loyalty, inviting people into the family. By design, Wager says, the target buyer is absolutely a car lover. “We want to sell cars to people who want to love our cars, not who are buying for the deal…rather than constantly conquest, we want to focus on getting loyalty up.” Stop into CardinaleWay Mazda in Corona, for a look at the all-new CX-5 today. And experience for yourself the thrill of why “driving matters”.






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