A Great First Car: The Mazda CX-3, Part II

Mazda CX-3 4

Are you in the market for a brand new first car? Are you not sure where to go or what to look for? At CardinaleWay Mazda Corona we are always here to help you make that difficult decision. Everyday, we help people like you find the best car that fits their personality, lifestyle and preferences. We believe that the car buying process can be simple, painless and even enjoyable. Mazda has always been very driver-focused and so are we. We’d like to suggest the #MazdaCX-3 as first-time option for you. Why? Please keep reading and we’ll tell you why.


Apart from its attractive exterior and fuel-efficient engine, the interior is to die for. Don’t think for a second that driving a subcompact SUV means that you must pay for it somehow in the interior. Not at Mazda where Driving Matters! The Grand Touring trim is our most popular trim with leather two-tone seats and cozy surroundings laced with premium materials. You get a lot for its impressive low price. But Mazda has always been known to go the extra mile at affordable prices.


The steering wheel is designed to be simple, easy to use and ergonomically satisfying. The same can be said about its dash and instrument panel. The moonroof is quite large for a compact model but we aren’t complaining! Twin USB ports are available, as well as a retractable heads-up display. Seven speakers make up part of an impressive Bose speaker system. A Sport Mode switch can be turned on to increase the car’s power and performance. The driver assist feature is packed with lane departure warning, blind spot monitoring and much more.


You get great steering response, agile driving, good storage space, extensive features, lots of safety designing, connectivity and good sound system and great fuel economy. And style! Visit our website for more at www.CardinaleWayMazdaCorona.com.





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