Getting To Know The Mazda 3 2.5L


We discussed how the Mazda 3 2.5liter was worth every penny. Here, we’re going to discuss how it actually feels like to ride own and drive one.

The Mazda is one vehicle that’s going to rack up the miles because it’s simply that good to drive. It is light and agile, which might confuse you into thinking that this isn’t a stable vehicle. However, you would be completely wrong. The vehicle stable as can be.

It is also one of the most responsive vehicles in the market.  It almost feels as though the car is alive and able to predict your every move.  One of its most stellar features is the shifter. It’s so good that even high-end automakers could take a lesson from Mazda.

The throttle lets you go in and out without affecting the driveline. Even with strong winds, the Mazda 3 has no trouble tracking. Thanks to a wider caster angle, the steering tracks without veering to the sides.

Even with the stock M&S tires, the Mazda 3 strikes the perfect balance between ride and handling. Engine noise is practically non-existent and when the engine idles, you’ll have to check the tachometer to make sure it’s already running.

The coordination between primary and secondary controls in the Mazda is phenomenal. The steering is very responsive despite being a tad bit too light.

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