An Excellent Large SUV: The Mazda CX-9


In its short time in existence, Mazda has made quite a name for itself. It’s supreme drivability, reliability and quality touches continue to make a mark in the automotive world. SUVs are a hot commodity, and we thought you’d like to get to know one of the best large SUV models in the market.



2016 ushered in a new engine for the #MazdaCX-9. It now carries a turbocharged 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine. There’s a “Sport Mode” switch that allows for more power and fun on the road.


Driver Assist Features:

The CX-9 has an array of great driver assist features such as blind spot monitoring, rear-view camera and lane-keeping assist. Its adaptive cruise control system is easily one of the best in the market right now, with incredibly smooth transitions and braking.



Mazda’s largest SUV model features three rows that seat a total of seven people. The setup is quite roomy with plenty of legroom and an all-around good feeling of spacious comfort.


Ambient Noise:

There’s additional interior padding that was added to insulate the cabin from road and engine noise. The drive is pretty quiet in the city and on the highway.


Dashboard and console:

Button, dials and knobs are all arranged in a simple and ergonomic fashion. It is designed to minimize how much time you spend on them. Mazda doesn’t want to burden you with unnecessary steps that just keep your eyes off the road.



The most basic CX-9 model starts at $35,120. The standard model comes with so much already, such as lane-departure warnings, rear cross-traffic, keyless ignition, hands-free rear hatch operation and 20-inch alloy wheels.


Come check out the CX-9 for yourself! You’ll see what a premium SUV it really is. You’re more than welcome to take on a test drive. If there are any questions you have about it or any other Mazda model, don’t hesitate to stop by CardinaleWay Mazda in Corona. Check us out at






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