Don’t Become A Victim Of Vehicle Theft

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Whether it’s in broad daylight or during cover of darkness, your vehicle can be targeted for theft.  It doesn’t have to be the latest Mazda sports car to be appealing to an auto thief.  Sometimes it’s the ordinary but popular models that are the most attractive to car thieves. However, you can do your part to prevent being a victim of car theft by following these simple steps:



  1. Without fail, be sure you always lock your vehicle and roll up its windows. Also, do not leave your valuables in plain sight.


  1. Use common sense and park in well-lit areas at night. Also consider parking where there’s a visible security camera.


  1. Equip your vehicle with a motion sensor alarm, because a loud car alarm may be enough to scare off a car thief.


  1. You shouldn’t leave your car running and unattended, especially at gas stations or with your children inside.


  1. Don’t leave your car keys under the mat or anywhere else in the vehicle where they can be found by a car thief.


  1. Consider installation of a GPS-tracking vehicle recovery device.




At your #1 Corona dealership, we understand just how important your vehicle is to you.  That’s why we want to help you keep your vehicle safe.  Our Service technicians at CardinaleWay Mazda Corona are here for you and can help with installing a car alarm or tracking device. For a listing of new and #CertifiedPreowned vehicles, visit our website at






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