The CX-7 to Return as the Koeru?- Part III

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Most of the latest releases from Mazda feature the SkyActiv engine technology. Assuming that the same is featured in the Koeru, there are high chances that the engine is a standard 2.5L quadra cylinder. SkyActive technology was developed with an aim to increase fuel efficiency to an extent that end result is similar to that of a hybrid. The technology increases the compression ratio to 13:1 for gas engines and for diesel 14:1.

On the flip side, there is also a high chance that the CX-7 redefined, will have a stronger and more powerful turbocharged four like the Mazda3 MPS.

Looking beyond the performance of the car, the engine is speculated to be quieter thanks to the revolutionary NVH technology that checks the engine noise by redirecting the path of vibration. There are also high claims that promise the latest technology will be implemented in the car, superior to any competitors’. The factual information may be available only when the car is released for sale.

The available information is insufficient to draw a conclusion; however, going by what little is at hand, the decision to add a sporty twist to the Mazda cars is sure to attract young buyers. The concept of Koero is also a signal of Mazda’s preparedness to gain a strong foothold in the global automobile market.

The advertising of the brand is also moving towards conscious driving with a slogan of ‘Driving Matters’. For more information on the Koeru design visit CardinaleWay Mazda Corona.




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