The CX-7 to Return as the Koeru?- Part II


First look of the images captured of the Koeru from the Frankfurt Motor Show suggests that the front styling of the car has gotten bold with a strong armor shaped grille, massive fenders nestling sleek headlamps. Looking beyond the conceptual design, the Koeru resembles the 2016 Mazda CX-5 and the CX-3. The only difference is that this car looks a lot sportier than the other two, which look more sophisticated.

Coming to the rear, the trademark broad tail lights are replaced with modern, sharp cut smaller units pumped up with a larger outlet for the exhaust that peeks under the unchanged rear bumper. From the back, the SUV looks like a coupe thanks to the angular roof and the prominent pillars. Noticeably, the wheels are bigger with a unique design.

The car measures 181.1 inches in length, making the Koeru longer than the CX-5 by 2.4 inches but shorter than the previous CX-7. If early reports are anything to go by, the Koeru is to be a redefined CX-9 but a first look suggests that the car is more fitting in the range of midsized SUV. If the Koeru were to be meant a large car there should have be an addition of 18 inches to the overall length.

Not much information is available on the interiors of the car. There are however, great chances of the interiors receiving a face lift to expose a futuristic design.

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