CardinaleWay Mazda Corona Wants To Help Keep Your Air Clean

When you are traveling by car, we take for granted that the air we breathe is clean.  However, the air circulating in your vehicle is only as clean as the cabin air filter.  Vehicle occupants are exposed to the outside air, which can include pollutants such as fumes, pollen, dust and other airborne impurities.  CardinaleWay Mazda Corona wants to make sure you breathe the cleanest air possible, and suggests you bring your vehicle to our Service department and let us replace your cabin air filter.

Why The Cabin Air Filter Is Important

Outside air enters the vehicle by way of the heating, air conditioning and ventilation system. Pollutants from the outside environment are filtered by the air filter before it enters the cabin of your vehicle.  The cabin air filter may become dirty or clogged over time, and will need to be replaced in order the keep the circulating air fresher.

Signs You Need To Replace The Cabin Air Filter

Although you should refer to your vehicle’s Owner’s Manual for specific recommendations, we recommend that the cabin air filter be replaced every twelve to twenty-four months.  There are some signs that you can watch for that indicate it’s time to replace the cabin air filter.  This is especially true if you do an excessive amount of driving, drive in congested traffic or in a smog-filled city.  Pay attention to signs such as a bad odor in your vehicle when you turn on the air, or if you suddenly hear more noise coming from the fan of your vehicle.

Our Corona dealership want to keep you and your family healthy by replacing your vehicle’s cabin air filter. Due to where the air filter may be placed, it’s likely difficult for you to remove.  Our highly trained Service technicians at CardinaleWay #MazdaCorona can quickly replace your cabin air filter.


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