CardinaleWay Mazda Corona Recommends Shopping For Auto Insurance Before Buying A New Vehicle

It’s an exciting time when buying a new vehicle, and many people get so swept up in the excitement that they forget the small details.  CardinaleWay Mazda Corona wants to remind everyone to make sure that your new vehicle is protected by auto insurance before you drive it off the lot.  Although it is true that some companies give a grace period from 7 days to 30 days, this is something you should verify in advance.


Check In With Your Insurance Agent

If you already have auto insurance, put in a phone call to your insurance agent to let your agent know you’ll need a new policy for a new vehicle.  You’ll be asked to provide information including model, make, year and color.  Sometimes there is a higher insurance premium on colors such as red.


Compare Rates By Shopping Around

If you want to save money, you can shop around and compare auto insurance rates.  Insurance rates for new teenaged drivers, for example, can be expensive.  However, some insurance companies may offer special discounts for teenagers that have completed a Drivers Education class or that are good students.  Call several insurance companies to obtain quotes based on the minimum required coverage.  Keep in mind that sports cars and high end luxury cars may require a higher premium than a sedan.


Go Beyond The Most Prominent Auto Insurance Companies

Major auto insurance companies include Allstate, Progressive, State Farm and Geico. They are generally the most well-known and offer great comprehensive auto insurance coverage.  However, smaller auto insurance companies may offer you a better rates.  Check with AAA or Erie Insurance or other small, local auto insurance carriers.


How You Can Lower Your Insurance Premiums

If your vehicle has safety features that help protect driver and passengers, some auto insurance companies may offer a discount.  The same is true if your vehicle has an anti-theft device.  It doesn’t hurt to ask your insurance agent about any discounts they may offer.  If you don’t ask, they might not tell.


You And Your Vehicle Deserve The Best Protection

CardinaleWay #MazdaCorona wants you and your new vehicle to have the best protection when you purchase a vehicle from us.  Be sure to ask our Sales team or Finance department for assistance if you have any questions about obtaining auto insurance.  If you’re in the market for a new vehicle, come see us. We have the best Mazda Dealers Orange County has to offer!  Check out the latest Mazda models, from the all-new hardtop Miata to the Mazda CX-9.  See our website at for a complete listing of our inventory.





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