CardinaleWay Mazda Corona Explains Why You Should Avoid Buying Used Tires For Your Vehicle

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We all love a good bargain, but when it comes to some things like tires for your vehicle, CardinaleWay Mazda in Corona suggests you should always buy new tires.  New tires can help to keep your family safe while traveling in your vehicle.  You should avoid secondhand or used tire stores and we’ll explain why.

Don’t Cave To A “Bargain” When It Comes To Buying Used Tires

Sure, you can save money buying used tires, but shouldn’t your family’s safety be your first concern?  Used tire outfitters typically obtain their stock from larger chain tire retailers.  These retailers are willing to part with older tires because there is a fee to remove and safely dispose of rubber tires.  If these are older tires that were replaced, the tread is likely already showing signs of wear.  A brand new tire will last longer than a used tire.  Also,  beware of dry rot in tires that have been sitting in one spot for a lengthy period of time.  Inspect a tire carefully for dry rot.  If the color of the tire is grayish and not black, or if you notice tiny cracks on the sidewalls or the tread, that’s dry rot.  Tires with dry rot are extremely dangerous because they are unpredictable and can blow out.

Know The Age Of Your Vehicle’s Tires

Most consumers don’t consider the age of their vehicle’s tires.  This is true not only of the four tires that are on your vehicle, but the spare tire is commonly overlooked.  You should know that the older a tire is, the more the rubber compounds break down and deteriorate.  It’s dangerous to drive on old tires. Take a look at the tire identification number located on a tire.  Find the last four digits which indicate the week and year a tire was made.  How old it too old?  Generally, any tire older than five years should be inspected by your Service technician.

We Have A Great Selection Of Tires At CardinaleWay Mazda Corona

Next time you need new tires, come to CardinaleWay Mazda Corona.  We have a huge selection of new tires to fit your vehicle.  Our professional Service technicians will be glad to mount the tires, rotate if you’re only getting two tires and balance your wheels.  In the market for a new vehicle?  Visit us and take a look at the latest Mazda sports car models, including the all-new 2017 Mazda MX-5 Hardtop #Miata RF or three-row family friendly 2017 Mazda CX-9.  For a complete listing of our inventory, see our website at

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