How You Can Prevent Your Vehicle From Hydroplaning

Hydroplaning is a phenomenon that none of us wishes to experience in our lifetime.  For one, it’s scary and for another, it can cause a potentially deadly car accident.  Hydroplaning occurs when a vehicle hits a patch of water on the roadway and its tires are unable to scatter the water quick enough.  As a result, the vehicle may suddenly veer out of control and spin out.  However, you can be prepared with these tips from CardinaleWay Mazda in Corona, your favorite Corona dealership.

Follow These Tips To Avoid Hydroplaning

When it is raining, be mindful that the potential for hydroplaning is present.  Often, during the first ten minutes of a rainfall, the danger of hydroplaning is at its greatest.  That’s because the water is mixing with any grease or oil that may be on the pavement, making it slippery.  The longer it rains, the more the slippery residue is washed away.  Adhere to the following tips to help prevent hydroplaning:

  1. If your cruise control is on, turn it off.  Slow down and avoid the outer lanes where water accumulates faster.
  2. Allow plenty of room between your vehicle and the vehicle in front of you.
  3. Avoid slamming on your brakes or making sudden stops.  Instead, slowly press on your brake pedal.
  4. Inspect your tires regularly for tread wear and make sure they are properly inflated.  Bring your vehicle to your auto dealership for tire maintenance such as tire rotation or replacement when necessary.
  5. If you do find yourself starting to hydroplane, don’t panic.  Avoid applying the brakes or accelerating, and steer in the direction that the vehicle is going.  Often, this will be enough to bring a vehicle safely out of a hydroplaning situation.

Our Service Department Is Second To None

If you need replacement tires or your tires rotated, bring your vehicle to our Service department at CardinaleWay Mazda Corona.  Our Service technicians are highly trained and have access to the latest state-of-the-art equipment.  We can do it all right here, from oil filter changes to a transmission tune up, let us take care of your vehicle.  We think you’ll agree that our Service department is second to none.  For all your automotive needs, come to CardinaleWay Mazda Corona.

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