2016 Mazda3 Safety Features


Japanese automaker Mazda designs cars that are great to drive, respond well to controls, and are designed for comfort and safety. The 2016 Mazda3 is a fun four door compact sedan that doesn’t cut corners on safety.

i-Activsense Active Safety Features on the go

The Mazda3 comes built in with all the i-Activsense Active Safety Features that help to both prevent collisions and also keep you safe in the event of an accident.

Mazda Radar Cruise Control takes the pain out of driving by automatically helping you maintain a safe minimum distance between your Mazda3 and the car ahead of you. A close proximity warning allows the driver to take corrective action by slowing down or moving out of the way if the pre-set speed and distance parameters are breached. The Forward Obstruction Warning also helps alert you to obstructions ahead. In the event that no corrective action is taken, at speeds from 2 to 18 mph, the Smart City Brake Support kicks in. Brakes are automatically applied if a collision is anticipated. Advanced Blind Spot Monitoring helps you avoid bumping into any obstructions in your blind spots by alerting you to them ahead of time.

If you appear to be moving or drifting out of your lane and are traveling at speed over 44 mph, the Lane Departure Warning System lets you know so you can get back in control. The Rear Cross Traffic Alert is useful for when you the car is being backed up and warns you of approaching vehicles.

Smart lighting on the Mazda3

A High Beam Control feature on the Mazda3 makes the switch from high beam to low beam and back much easier. Once the car detects an approaching vehicle (oncoming), it turns beams low. Once the car passes, it goes back to high beam.

Improved visibility comes courtesy of the Adaptive Front-lighting System. This makes your car headlights turn as you turn a corner so you can see better even in low light or poor visibility conditions.

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