2016 Mazda3 Named A “Best Dog-Friendly” Vehicle

Did you know that 56% of car buyers shop with their four-legged canine companions in mind?  That statistic was revealed by Autotrader when they recently named the 2016 Mazda3 as one of the top dog-friendly vehicles.  With end-of-year clearance sales in full swing, why not consider taking a portion of this year’s tax return and treating Rover to a comfortable ride in the 2016 Mazda3?  After all, for many of us, bringing along man’s best friend for short errands or even weekend trips is routine.

Your Pooch Deserves To Ride In The 2016 Mazda3

The 2016 Mazda3 is not only affordable, it’s fuel efficient too.  However, the best part may be its hatchback, making it ideal for loading and unloading your four-legged pets.  The cargo space is a roomy 20.2 cubic feet, more than most comparable models.  You can easily fit a pooch or multiple dogs the size of a Chihuahua, up to medium-sized breeds such as a Schnauzer or even a large breed Labrador Retriever, or any mix in-between.  However, for the gentle giants like the Mastiff or Great Dane, you may need a taller vehicle.  If you decide not to place your beloved pet(s) in the cargo hold, there is always the second row of seats within easy reach for reassuring pats and treats.  Or, you can even fold down the second row of seats for even more space for your four-legged companions!

There’s So Many Cool Accessories And Gadgets 

Check out all the accessories and gadgets that are available on the market to make Rover’s ride even more comfortable.  There is no shortage of what you can select, such as rubber mats, pet barriers, seat cover hammocks, seat belt harness or a ramp.  There’s simply no excuse to leave Rover at home when you can safely transport him in a 2016 Mazda3.


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